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"The Kauai Obake Bar", first book in the Primo Talk series introduces you to the humorous and spooky goings-on at Primo's bar in the town of Kapa'a on the island of Kaua'i. Here you will meet Waikane, one of the last surviving menehune on the island along with Leroy Mendoz, Korean War veteran and one-legged barber. There's also One-Cup Charlie -- 2nd best dynamite fisherman on the island. And on any given night, an obake (Japanese ghost) or a troop of Night Marchers or even the Lady from the volcano on the Big Island might drop by to share a story and a drink. So pull up a stool and join the good fun and the good laughs at Primo's.



This second book in the Primo's Talk Story series continues with stories of humorous and sometimes mysterious adventures of the gang at Primo's. In this book you'll learn the true story of how bungee-jumping was invented on Kaua'i. You'll get the absolute low-down on what happened to each of Malama Largesse's five husbands. And you'll join some of the regulars at Primo's as they search frantically for an atomic bomb dropped by accident on the island. Learn why Moki, Kimo, and Bryan no longer go out to the Kilauea lighthouse -- at least not after sundown.


"The Bones of the Kuhina Nui" is the first in a series of thrillers set along the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. In this first book you will come to know a family that, for generations, has guarded the hiding place of the bones of Queen Ka'ahumanu, favorite wife of King Kamaehameha. Now that that the family finds itself torn apart by greed and jealousy, murder stalks the island! This book is the First Runner-Up in the 2010 Eric Hoffer Book Awards, Legacy Fiction category.


"The Old Queen's Murder" takes up the story of the Pono family, guardians for generations of the hiding place for the bones of Queen Ka'ahumanu. The family members thought they had gone through the most horrible experience of their lives. They were wrong! When a serial killer comes to the island and targets the matriarch of the Pono family, the family suddenly finds itself on the road to annihilation!


"The Old Queen's Treasure" is the 3rd book in the Kohala Coast series. A burial cave is exposed containing the sacred bones, ka iwi, of ancient Hawaiian royalty along with the bones of a Chinese treasure ship captain. The subsequent race to gain possession of those bones brings some members of the Pono family face to face with fiery death! FINALIST IN THE ERIC HOFER BOOK AWARDS FOR 2011.


"The Old Queen's Guardians" is the 4th book in the Kohala Coast series. When a chef at the hotel cooks up a pot of trouble the women of the Pono family must search for a way once more to cheat death. A lush marijuana crop and a missing suitcase filled with drug money lead inevitably to MURDER!


"The Old Queen and the Maui Maiden" is the 5th book in the Kohala Coast series. The finding of a mummified body from over 100 years ago brings Teri Pono greater danger than ever before. Teri must fulfill a command from a long-dead Queen while dealing with her mother's growing dementia, and her confusion over a growing relationship with Koakane.


"The Old Queen and The King" is the 6th book in the Kohala Coast series. The daughter of a woman on Kauai is murdered, and the most precious souvenir that the woman possessed is stolen. She sets off for the Big Island, where her search for both the killer and her precious souvenir soon involves the women of the Pono family. Meanwhile, Haunani, the matriarch of the family, slips deeper and deeper into the black pool of dementia.


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